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Mindfulness is both a quality you can bring to your life, and a set of practices that help that quality become available to you. So it's something you can have, and some things you practise in order to get it.

With mindfulness you don't miss your life because you were looking elsewhere. You are able to give your attention to whatever - or whoever - needs it at that moment.

It begins with knowing how to become calm. That in itself is worth knowing.

From there you begin to see how you work - what stresses you, what inspires you, how you affect the people around you. Gradually moments of clarity, insight and joy come into your life.

It's not instant: like any physical skill, it to be exercised deliberately and regularly to become strong. But getting started is easy.

What’s in it for you?


Learn to interrupt the constant yammer, yammer, yammer in your head.


Bad stuff happens to us all – but worse is the drama we create around it. You can learn to reduce the noise and deal with what’s happening


Direct your attention to whatever – or whoever – needs it right now


We all run along mental and emotional rails we laid down long ago. With practice you can get to know your ‘little ways’, and see new approaches



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