Mindfulness Without Meditation

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Maybe you just can’t imagine sitting still for long periods. Maybe it seems like a waste of time. Or you’ve tried meditation and found it frustrating. Perhaps your mind wandered incessantly and you thought you’d never get calm, never do it properly. You decided it wasn’t for you.

But something about the idea of mindfulness is still attractive to you. The idea of more calm, of better control of your attention, of waking up to moments of your life you might have missed. Can you do that without meditation?

I believe you can. I believe mindfulness is the real show, the destination, the end – and while meditation is one of the means to that end, it’s not the only way. This course will give you some simple, practical suggestions to help you feel more alert, aware, attentive and energised.

Mindfulness Without Meditation will deliver a series of eight emails over a few weeks. Each one will give you a technique to try out over a few days at home and at work. At the end of the course, you should have found one or two at least that you’ll want to make a regular part of of your life.

 I’m no longer offering in-person courses. Here’s the story.